Parent & Student References

by Melinda Coles

“Melinda has been an inspirational teacher and contributes far more than required in terms of time,

enthusiasm and commitment. She has maintained my daughter’s interest and enjoyment in music in her early teenage years when other less positive activities compete for attention.

Melinda is a positive role model for my daughter of what is possible with determination, perseverance

and love of music”

Therese Marty

Emily Marty Cellist - Student since 2010

“My 13 year old daughter had lost interest in the violin after playing for 6 years, until we changed to

Melinda. Now she not only excels classically, she has a love for Celtic music and can play that genre

also. Melinda inspired and motivated her by making music fun and challenging and increased her love of performing.”

Susanne Armstrong

Anna Armstrong Violinist & Cellist (Student from 2009-2010 now living in UK)

“We have been fortunate enough that Melinda has been teaching our daughter Jessica violin for 8

years. Jessica has always enjoyed her lessons thoroughly and has progressed to a level that she has

played with the Griffith University Young Conservatorium, after gaining entry via an audition process.

Melinda's fantastic energy and inspiring outlook on life has always been noticeably contagious to all

her students.”

Debbie Trueman

Jessica Trueman Violinist & Cellist (Student since 2006 )

“If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have fulfilled my dream of playing fiddle in a Irish Band. You believe

your students can achieve high levels so they do.

Music is everything in my life and I owe it all to you.”

Terry Matthews

Violinist (Student since 2009)

“Melinda has been teaching my daughter for 6 years. Through her love of music and teaching Hannah

has had the last 3 years at the Queensland Conservatorium of music, this would not have been possible

with out Melinda’s love of music.

Hannah has progressed well and also been involved in many outside performances such as Deep Blue

orchestra, Celtic Music Camp, International Tartan Day Southbank and much, much more.

Leisa Deigan

Hannah Deigan Violinist and Cellist (Student since 2005)

“I have just passed my audition for the Junior Royal Academy of Music in London. I wouldn’t have been

able to get where I am today without you. You're a fantastic teacher and have inspired many of your


Anna Armstrong

Violinist (Student 2003-2009)

“Melinda has been teaching our children violin for many years. Because of her love of music and

inspiring teaching the kids have progressed well and become involved in other musical activities such

as church performances, busking, Celtic music camp and performing with Deep Blue Orchestra.”

Deanne & Stephen Wong

Madison Wong Violinist & Cellist and Morgan Wong Violinist (Students since 2008)

"I have been amazed at Amanda & Samantha's progress with their music over the past 5 years. This is

due to your dedicated approach to teaching and the way you encourage them. They look forward to

their violin lessons each week, and love to play for family and friends.

Amanda would like to be a violin teacher when she grows up."

Amber Thomas

Samantha and Amanda Thomas Violinists (Students since 2006)

"Melinda has been teaching violin to our daughter Virginia since 2006. Virginia has no fingers on her

left hand, yet Melinda was able to help her adapt to playing the violin using her right hand. Virginia has played in the school band and many other external performances with Melinda.

Melinda's dedication, passion and dynamic personality has helped build Virginia's self esteem and

helped her recognize that very few things are impossible.

We have recommended Melinda to friends in the past and would enthusiastically endorse her as a music teacher to anyone seeking a qualified, passionate teacher.

Peter Sultana

Virginia Sultana Violinist (Student since 2006)

“Melinda is patient, persistent, professional and positive! Anthea has progressed in leaps and bounds since you began teaching her”. 

Janet Major

Anthea Major Cellist (student since 2010)

" My sons ability and enjoyment of the violin has increased  dramatically since you started teaching him. Thanks”

Cassandra Schloss

Alexander Schloss violinist (student since 2009)

“well melinda, I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for your fantastic teaching skills, enthusiasm in your career, happy spirit and enjoyment for music. Most of all, you're an inspirational teacher, who I learnt lots from and who brought back my love for music.”

Anna Armstrong Violinist & cellist (student since 2009)

After 2 years persevering with other teachers, my daughter Nadia was at the point of giving up playing violin. She had become very despondent and lost all motivation to continue. Fortunately, that’s when Melinda came along. Nadia’s attitude and motivation changed overnight. By sharing her own infectious love of music, Melinda brought back the ‘love of playing’ that Nadia had lost. 

Melinda built on improving Nadia’s skills, to give her ever-increasing confidence and enjoyment. Melinda also sought out every opportunity to involve Nadia in playing with others, including professional musicians, as a way of providing further motivation and enhancing her learning.

Melinda was and still is the key to Nadia’s continuing playing. 

Petra Cash

Nadia Cash violinist (student since 2009)


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