Why Choose Melinda as your strings teacher

by Melinda Coles


  • I am a highly knowledgeable, creative and resourceful Music Teacher with experience in developing students’ interest in and appreciation of music through teaching theory, history and practical skills
  • Teaching private and group lessons, assessing Students' progress and performance
  • Planning and preparing lessons, preparing term lesson Timetables and music Reports each semester
  • Providing constructive feedback and guidance to Students
  • Maintaining order and discipline during ensemble rehearsals and performances
  • Communicating with parents, teachers and other professionals, both formally and informally
  • Overseeing and supervising extracurricular music activities
  • Deciding on the most appropriate teaching methods to suit the particular needs of each student


  1. My goals are to inspire Students to achieve better results and become more confident using music as a discipline and a forum for creative expression
  2. Teaching individual and group instrumental private Suzuki Method string lessons
  3. Evaluating Students’ interests, ability temperament, and individual characteristics to determine
  4. suitable structure for lessons to encourage self discipline and continuous improvement
  5. Playing a wide range (11 different kinds) of instruments to connect with Students, inspire them to take
  6. up music, and demonstrate musical scales, tones, and rhythm
  7. Conduct group ensemble rehearsals, instruct and coach members in their individual parts, in the
  8. fundamentals of musicianship, and ensemble performance
  9. • Confidently lead the String Ensemble in regular and special performances for school programs,
  10. community activities, concerts, and festivals
  11. Meeting with parents of Students to encourage musical growth and resolve any Student problems


I am a creative professional musician with 26 years experience in Classical and Celtic music fields, dedicated and self motivated to provide music tuition 

  • Confident and experienced in private and group tuition 
  • 32 years experience on the Violin, 20 years on Cello and Viola and 6 years experience on Harp
  • Actively involved over the years in Philharmonic Orchestras, City Orchestras, Chamber Groups, Bush
  • Bands, String Quartets, Old Time Dance Bands and performed Solo at many Concerts, Weddings and Private Functions
  • Musical Director of the Moreton Celtic Fiddle Club (having held the position since starting the group in Sept 2007) 
  • Recent experience working with a film producer in composing and recording music for a movie

About Melinda

by Melinda Coles

My Experience

I  began learning the Violin at the age of 6 studying under the first International Suzuki Violin teacher Ms Hirrokio Primrose. 
At age 8 I was part of a group of students who travelled to Japan to perform at the International Suzuki Violin School, at concerts throughout Japan and have private lessons from Dr Sinichi Suzuki. 
I completed my study of the Suzuki Method then furthered my qualifications by studying A.Mus.A in Violin & Cello at the Conservatorium under the direction of Wollongong Symphony Orchestra 1st Violinist Alice Fitsummons. 
Over the years I have performed at the Wollongong & Sydney Conservatorium & the Sydney Opera House. 
I have held positions in the Central Coast Orchestra, Central Coast chamber group, Launceston Philharmonic and the Launceston City Orchestra,  
In 1987 I moved to Tasmania where I was introduced to the vibrant and exciting energy of Celtic Music, which has become a dominant part of my teaching style. 

Having experience playing with Celtic groups such as the  

"Tasmanian Celtic Fiddle Club", "Liffey Folk Club", "De-ja-vu", Strings & Things, Roscoes, over a 12-year period with Performances all over Tasmania. Melinda attends a regular yearly pilgrimage with advanced students to Celtic Music camps & schools in Tasmania & Victoria and the National folk festival Canberra. 
For 26 years I have taught the Suzuki method for strings in Catholic & State education in Tasmania & Qld as well as privately. 
In 2007 I founded the MCFC (Moreton Celtic Fiddle Club), which has grown from 12 – 61 members. Through MCFC I continue to share my passion for Celtic Music with my students and members of the public. 
I am a strong believer in encouraging ALL of my students to be involved in performances for their school ensemble/orchestras. Also extending that further by becoming involved in the many community music groups available.  

I currently teach

Violin, Cello, Viola, Harp
Contact details - melindacoles@icloud.com
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